Deep Web Intelligence

The Internet is vast, and only the smallest fraction of it is indexed and visible to the general public; the rest of it (between 90 and 99 percent) is the deep web. Given that criminals take advantage of the deep web’s relative anonymity to plan attacks, monitoring the deep web is an important part of all businesses’ cybersecurity strategy. 

How Flare Helps Gather Deep Web Intelligence

How does Flare monitor the deep web for intelligence?

When criminals are targeting your data, your security team needs to know as soon as possible. Flare automates the process of scanning the deep web, monitoring the clear & deep web continuously, and sending you alerts when it detects your organization, employees’ names, domains, IP, or any other key information so your team can find leaked or stolen data and take action quickly.

What are the key benefits of the Flare deep web intelligence solution? 

  • A proactive security stance: By actively seeking out potential attackers and stolen data, you can catch a breach early and take steps to protect your data, systems, and networks.
  • Visibility into the deep and dark web: Flare’s monitoring solution scans the deep, dark, and clear web, as well as illicit Telegram channels, to find leaks before an attack happens. 
  • Automated continuous monitoring: You have to scan for leaks continuously, but your team likely isn’t able to monitor the deep web around the clock manually. Using an automated solution gives you 24/7 coverage, so you will know as soon as your information appears where it should not be. 

Why use Flare to monitor the deep web? 

provides organizations with insights and monitoring that can give you an edge when it comes to today’s evolving threat landscape.

Deep Web Intelligence: An Overview

Qu'est-ce que le Deep Web? 

The deep web, also called the invisible web, is the part of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines. It’s home to a wide range of content, including academic journals, government databases, and anonymous forums. Gated content is part of the deep web, as are resources that are hidden behind paywalls and sign-ins. It’s also home to illegal and illicit activities. 

Are the deep web and the dark web the same thing? 

The terms deep web and dark web are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t exactly the same. The dark web is simply a part of the deep web. The difference is that while the deep web isn’t indexed, it can be viewed on a standard browser. The dark web can only be accessed through specialized browsers. 

What is deep web intelligence? 

Automate Your Threat Exposure Management

Integrate the world’s easiest to use and most comprehensive cybercrime database into your security program in 30 minutes.

Deep web intelligence is the practice of collecting data from the deep web to identify and mitigate cyberthreats. By monitoring the deep web, security experts are better able to understand acteurs de la menace. This can include research into their plans, tactics, and potential targets for their attacks. By detecting threats early, organizations, law enforcement, and security practitioners are able to take proactive defense measures to protect data and systems. 

What tools can you use to monitor the deep web? 

There are several ways to gather information on the deep web: 

  • Specialized search engines and crawlers: Specialized search engines are designed to search for data that is not indexed by conventional search engines. They do this by querying databases, crawling web pages, and searching for unlinked pages, among other techniques. 
  • Dark web monitoring services:  Services de surveillance du dark web are built to monitor the dark web for leaked credentials, protect against targeted attacks, and prevent unauthorized account access from cybercriminals. Monitoring the dark web can help organizations identify potential threats and take proactive measures to protect their assets.
  • Intelligence open source (OSINT): OSINT involves gathering and analyzing data from publicly available sources including: social media, news outlets, and public records queries. While some OSINT tools may focus on clear web content, many can also conduct deep web intelligence gathering.

Why Do You Need Deep Web Intelligence in Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape? 

Why is deep web intelligence important? 

Most individuals spend more time on the deep web than they know, and so do businesses. In fact, the deep web allows organizations to keep certain information safe, private, and confidential. The deep web includes banking apps, email servers, healthcare databases, environments that host proprietary development activities, and anything else kept private by organizations. It’s important to ensure that information remains private. You can do this by monitoring your own deep web assets for leaks and accidental exposure, and by monitoring the larger deep web for leaked or stolen information. 

Is Telegram part of the deep web? 

Telegram is an encrypted social media messaging app that has become a digital black market for cybercriminals. As a secure messaging app, it counts as part of the dark web. Since cybercriminals share hacking methodologies, malware as a service, and sell stolen information on chaînes Telegram illicites, it’s critical that your team monitors Telegram également.

What is the impact of data theft?

The average cost of a data breach is  $4.45 million. This includes the cost of finding and remediating the breach, interruptions of operations, legal fees and other fines. However, $4.5 million is just the average; many industries experience higher costs, which can be devastating for small and midsize businesses. The cost also doesn’t necessarily take the loss of customer trust into account.

Deep Web Intelligence and Flare

Flare est le leader Gestion de l'exposition aux menaces (TEM) solution for organizations. Our technology constantly scans the online world, including the clear & dark web, to discover unknown events, automatically prioritize risks, and deliver actionable intelligence you can use instantly to improve security. By gathering deep web intelligence, Flare can help you strengthen your organization’s security posture.

Notre solution s'intègre à votre programme de sécurité en 30 minutes pour fournir à votre équipe des renseignements exploitables et des mesures correctives automatisées en cas d'exposition à haut risque. Voyez-le vous-même avec notre essai gratuit.

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